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What we stand for
We believe organizations more closely resemble living organisms than machines. To prosper in the face of a competitive environment they must evolve and adapt or struggle and die.

From time to time the external environment throws up opportunities or challenges that require organizations to evolve and adapt faster than usual. As in nature, most organizations are poor at adapting to disruptive change. In our experience, few adapt well and most struggle or fail.

Furthermore, significant and disruptive change is not something most organizations retain deep capability to manage. Retaining such deep internal capability, for rare or infrequent events, is a cost many find hard to justify, especially when so many external providers stand ready to help!

Given what is at stake during these disruptive periods of change, partner capability is therefore critical. You will want experience, credibility and a track record, for sure. We also believe you will expect your chosen partners to do the actual work, and not delegate this to junior consultants.

We do not believe standard approaches and methodologies best serve most clients’ needs. Even if the external driver for change is generic, no two organizations have the same internal culture - or organizational DNA. This can be an inconvenient reality for those that rely on standard solutions delivered by inexperienced consultants.

“Building Effective Organizations” is not an empty slogan. It reflects our belief that capabilities, structures and processes must be designed uniquely, relative to the specific strategic choices that leaders make. It also reflects our belief that building effective organizations is, above all, a human endeavour made possible by effective leaders working in their unique organizational environment.

Finally, with our unusually rich experience of organizations managing disruptive change, in multiple cultural and geographic environments, we believe we have insights and knowledge not readily found in most consulting offers. We therefore invite you to read more and to consider us as a potential partner in future.
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin