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Ever considered switching from the role of Corporate Executive to Independent Consultant? What would it take and is it for you? Ever considered what you’d do in your 50’s if you lost your corporate job?
Preparing for your post-corporate career.
Are there any lessons from Darwin’s insights on evolutionary biology for corporate strategy and the evolution of companies? Why do some companies evolve better than others?
A Darwinian perspective on business strategy.
The McKinsey 7S framework is well known but can be challenging to use in concrete, practical client engagements. Part of the reason is because the “soft S’s” are tricky to quantify & measure. In 2011 Tom Peters, one of the original authors of the model, provided a great summary of the evolution of the model and what he’s learned over 40 years about the “primacy of the Soft S’s”:
Car Crash: A history of British Leyland and the British Car Industry: