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Case studies and testimonials
Strategy & Capability Assessment: Chinese CMO supplying the Global Pharma Industry.
The Challenge:
To formulate next generation strategic opportunities for fast growing Chinese CMO and its Big-Pharma customers.
The Approach:
Formulating a credible strategic direction requires an ability to see yourself as you are and not just as you wish to be seen. This is particularly important when significant investment and collaboration with major customers is at stake. We helped our client prepare for these conversations and decisions with the following interventions and analysis:
  • Conducted a rigorous analysis of current technical and managerial capabilities.
  • Helped the CEO formulate a credible and compelling 3 year Strategic Plan based on the above analysis and to more deeply understand how the relevant external environment was evolving.
  • Designed and led structured interventions with executives from both parties to enable clear identification of the joint strategic options as well as the decision making tools to facilitate the final project choices.
Business Impact and Results:
The client successfully cemented its reputation with one of its most important customers and secured agreement for important joint strategic projects. This also provided the client with the security to make additional investment in manufacturing capacity and R&D capability building.
“Pharaoh & Co helped me to analyse, formulate and present my corporate strategy, and our underlying capabilities, to senior executives from one of our Big-Pharma customers. Being able to communicate our strategic position and intended direction in a compelling way is important for us as part of our ongoing relationship with key customers. Adam’s role and contribution was outstanding.“ CEO of Chinese client organization.
Direction Setting & Organization Repositioning: Global Finance organization responsible for $1bn of inventory & $4bn of intercompany sales.
The Challenge:
To outsource 50% of a finance organization to a Shared Service Center and subsequently reposition the remaining core.
The Approach:
Outsourcing half the work of any organization is likely to be both threatening and disruptive. To do so whilst maintaining performance and compliance levels plus maintaining high levels of employee engagement is particularly challenging. Achieving these outsourcing and repositioning objectives required a breakdown of the challenge into three components and work streams:
  • Identification, sequencing and transitioning of target processes for outsourcing.
  • Proactive management of employee & climate issues via pulse surveys and interventions.
  • Formulation of future state strategic positioning and required capabilities.
Business Impact and Results:
First, over the 12 months that it took to outsource multiple complex processes, the client organization achieved all its performance and compliance goals and even increased its employee engagement and climate KPI’s. Second, the remaining core organization was successfully restructured to reflect reduced headcount and a redefined external orientation. Third, the leadership developed a compelling new strategic direction, well anchored with core customers and senior stakeholders.
“I have worked with Adam Pharaoh on several occasions over many years. What I particularly appreciated on this occasion was the structured approach that he provided to help us plan and execute our repositioning strategy. Also valuable to me and my management team was having someone whom the whole organization could trust and share their concerns with, knowing this information would be treated confidentially.” Senior Finance Director of client organization.
Merger & Acquisition integration: Consumer Health Industry. Deal value $16bn
The Challenge:
Integrating, aligning and engaging 4000 new employees across Europe after the Day 1 milestone passed.
The Approach:
In addition to designing standard top down communication activities and bottom up feedback surveys, we designed and delivered a targeted and rigorous process to launch the new management boards across all major functions and geographies. The “Board Launch” process comprises a series of complex consulting interventions that addresses three essential elements for a successful integration:
  • Direction setting and alignment on the short to mid term Strategic Imperatives.
  • Chartering the Board and agreeing Governance norms for the newly merged units.
  • Surfacing and exploring the Cultures of the two companies and how to manage these.
Business Impact and Results:
Significant impact was achieved in several ways. First, the strategic objectives at the global level were processed and reformulated into more granular and meaningful objectives for leaders and employees at the country and functional level. Second, the newly merged management boards spent time together co-designing their new operating norms and expectations of each other. Third, the newly appointed leaders had an opportunity to consciously uncover and explore the cultural traps and misunderstandings awaiting each other.
The main results from this work were limited loss of conveyed talent and timely execution of synergy objectives.
“This acquisition, the biggest to date in our history, has been judged a major success by investors and press alike. To a considerable degree this can be attributed to the successful processes and activities that we implemented as part of the post acquisition integration work. And Adam Pharaoh played an important part in making this happen in EMEA.” VP Global Change Management for the Integration.
Organization Change and Restructuring: $1bn Consumer Healthcare unit of Global Co.
The Challenge:
Integrate 6 separate country organizations into a single organization and management structure with streamlined processes and capabilities.
The Approach:
With jobs and careers at stake the first imperative was to move quickly and professionally from old state to new state with minimal disruption to employees and customers. This required a delicate combination of coordinated action taken at speed. In addition to executing an intense series of communications activities, we also designed and ran two critical off-site events with an extended senior management group. The focus of these sessions was to:
  • Create buy-in and deeper understanding of the case for change within the wider strategic context.
  • Refine and validate future state process flows for all operational activities. Also to agree accountabilities and metrics for these key processes.
  • To charter the new management team and to align on the new organization and governance structures.
Business Impact and Results:
The client successfully implemented the restructuring with speed and minimal disruption. There were no regrettable losses and cost savings were captured by year end. As a legacy there was also a sharply defined set of processes and new accountabilities which acted as a clarifying tool for ongoing communication and decision making. Finally, the success of this restructuring provided a model for other geographic units to use subsequently.
“We hired Pharaoh & Company to provide broadly defined Change Management expertise during a critical and sensitive restructuring program. We needed professional guidance across a number of domains, including communications messaging, process analysis, organizational design and governance. What Adam also demonstrated was strong strategic understanding of our operating environment as well as outstanding skills as a workshop leader.” Managing Director of client organization.
Organization Health Diagnosis: Quality Assurance function of a major chemical production site.
The Challenge:
To diagnose the causes of organisational stress in an otherwise high performing environment of 80 professionals.
The Approach:
Meeting or exceeding customer needs and operational goals sometimes creates negative organizational stress. Good leaders however, understand that long term success requires a focus on both the performance and health of their organization. Whilst this understanding is increasingly commonplace, knowing how to address it in concrete, measurable terms is much less known. We therefore applied multiple tools and processes to diagnose and address this issue:
  • Issue formulation via analysis of employee survey data, workshops and 1:1 interviews.
  • Application of additional OD tools and interventions to generate relevant Org Health data.
  • Interventions designed, targeted and measured against all areas of the McKinsey 7S model.
Business Impact and Results:
By applying the OD tools and interventions against the McKinsey 7S framework we measured Organization Health on multiple dimensions. Through repeated use of several survey tools the client was able to measure significant progress over the period of the project. Perhaps as important as the measurable results was the lasting impact on the mindset of the whole leadership team, who now not only understand the value of managing Organizational Health but also have practical experience of successfully doing so.
“Working with Pharaoh & Company provided me and my management team with a new set of insights about how to diagnose and address the critical, yet difficult to quantify, issue of Organizational Health. Most important and valuable for me and my team was the way we could translate generic assessment results into tangible actions. I shall use this approach again in future.” Senior Director QA Organization
Customer & Employee Engagement: Shared Service subsidiary of Global Healthcare Co.
The Challenge:
Implement a CRM program to improve business partnering results and supporting capabilities.
The Approach:
The first challenge was to quantify and specify the nature of the perceived weaknesses relating to the prevailing customer service levels. Following this we examined the root cause of these strengths and weaknesses at the level of processes and capabilities. Several new tools and processes were developed and implemented to drive the required change in performance and behaviour:
  • A new set of customer validated KPI’s was introduced.
  • The “Hot Chair” feedback process was introduced as a tool for driving better “horizontal” communications.
  • A new Competency Model was developed and then used to implement a Development Planning process.
Business Impact and Results:
The client improved its business partnering results as measured by both the newly designed KPI’s and customer survey results. Even more telling was the corporate decision to expand the scale and scope of this finance shared service organization, adding several additional business units to its customer base.
“I hired Pharaoh & Company to help re-position my complex finance organisation and address two concrete needs. First: To bring about a significant shift in our mindset and culture... to be more customer and business partner focused... and to start seeing ourselves in a completely different way as finance professionals. Second: To identify the new capabilities required in order to fulfil the above business partnering expectations. Adam’s skill was to diagnose these requirements and to design innovative and practical interventions to enable us to achieve this.” Finance Director of client organization.
Building Communications Effectiveness at the French National Library (BnF) .
The Challenge:
Re-orientating key management staff at BnF around communicating effectively in an international context, reflecting the lead role taken by BnF in pan-European EU projects which aim to digitize national library archives and make them available online.
The Approach:
A tailored module was designed to give library management the tools needed in order to present their work effectively to an international audience, either in a conference setting or through video exchanges such as Skype conferences.
The basic building blocks of presenting effectively in English were combined with library specific vocabulary and examples, and coaching in audience control and cultural issues.
Workshops were scheduled over a six week period to introduce and then practice communication skills, with video training used to monitor and review the performance of participants.
Individuals were encouraged to familiarize their peer group with the activities under their control in a simulated conference setting.
Business Impact and Results:
The skills transferred to participants were put to use immediately on the European conference circuit.
Participants reported a step improvement in their ability to communicate effectively with an international audience, and the BnF moved closer to achieving the objectives associated with pan-European collaboration.
Follow-up work continued in which assistance was given in the planning of specific meetings and conferences which the BnF was charged with co-ordinating at the European level.
“We have become much more efficient in the way we work as the result of this guidance. Very often in the past meetings in Brussels and around Europe would achieve little, but I now feel able to impose a structure and order which everyone understands, is respected, and gets results”. European Projects Manager. Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF)