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Adam's expertise & motivation lies in helping leaders manage the organizational and people consequences of complex and disruptive change. He has led significant M&A integration & restructuring events at Volvo and Johnson & Johnson.
Adam's experience is derived from over 25 years working at the highest levels of global corporations where he has held senior line roles in Marketing and Operations as well as senior staff and consulting positions in Business Strategy and Change Management.
Adam also provides Strategy and Organization development consulting to chemical and pharmaceutical companies in China and India and is a conference speaker and publisher on this work.
He is also an experienced designer & facilitator of communication events, workshops & training interventions.
Adam has an MBA from London Business School & a BSc in Economics from The University of Southampton. He is a Hay certified executive coach & also a certified Change Management expert by both Johnson & Johnson and Volvo.
He has lived & worked in Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland during the 25 years since leaving his native UK. He has also worked extensively in the US and Asia. He currently lives in Brussels.
Chris has enjoyed an international business career in management consulting, marketing communications & executive coaching & training.
In his 25 year career Chris has worked for McKinsey & Co as well as spending 15 years in the automotive industry, 12 of which were with General Motors Europe.
Chris has an in-depth understanding of the automotive sector, most specifically in sales, marketing and product planning.
More recently Chris has developed expertise as an executive coach, communications advisor and writer, and in 2012 published a book examining the history of British Leyland and the UK car industry.
Chris has an MA from Oxford University and holds an MBA from London Business School.
Chris has lived and worked in France, Italy & Switzerland for the last 20 years since leaving his native UK, giving him a deep understanding of the multi cultural dimensions to building effective teams & organizations. He lives in Paris.
Michael’s professional interests lie in four core areas: organizational development, change management, business process improvement, and training.
Michael’s focus is on helping clients achieve major, sustainable improvements in business performance by taking an integrated approach to developing organizational solutions. His passion is “change that lasts.”
In his 25+ years as a manager and consultant, Michael has worked in & consulted to numerous industries, including healthcare, automotive, energy, high-tech & telecommunications.
Michael is an expert designer and facilitator of meetings, workshops and events focusing on decision making, organizational alignment, and organizational change.
Michael has a first degree from San Francisco State University and a Masters of Arts degree in Educational Psychology from University of California at Berkeley.
An internationalist by experience and temperament, Michael has lived and worked extensively in Asia, Europe and the Middle East for over 20 years, as well as in his native North America. He currently lives in Santa Cruz, California.
Bjorne’s professional areas of expertise are: organizational development, change management & executive coaching. He is a recognised expert in helping whole organizations and operating units to create an energy force & culture where everyone - from the top team to the front line contributors - all contribute to the same strategic focus. Known in Sweden, where this thinking originated, as “Medarbetarskap”.
He is also the co-author of: “To succeed with Process Management” which has sold 15000 copies.
Bjorne’s expertise is based on 10 years’ experience at Volvo Cars, leading complex change management and organization development programs, plus a further 10 years running a successful consulting practice.
Bjorne’s coaching work with management teams also draws on his experience as a top athlete – where he won a Silver Medal in Fencing in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
He has an Masters Degree in science from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. He has also studied as an exchange student at University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA and Université de Technologie, Compiègne, France. Bjorne has lived and worked in the US, Belgium and France, and is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden.